Social Media Marketing

People spend more than 7 hours a day connected to the Internet and see more than 100 times their cell phone. That is why companies that bet on digital marketing, and have managed to increase their sales. Using social networks as a marketing strategy it is possible to build a base of followers, gain more customers and achieve positioning of the brand, using resources more efficiently and effectively.

What do we offer you?

·         Creation and Optimization of profiles
·         Content Optimization
·         Campaigns and Promotions
·         Social Listening and Social Analytics

Why is it important to have a Social Media Plan?

  • Strengthens brand positioning
  • It offers an alternative commercial platform.
  • Media impact at a relatively low cost.
  • Increase communication channels with customers and the possibility of increasing links.
  • Facilitates customer service with cost savings.
  • Ability to monitor conversations about the organization.
  • Identify new business opportunities.
  • Quick alert of possible problems of products and / or services.
  • It makes it possible to carry out a pre-test to launch a product
  • It allows the development of personnel selection processes.
  • We can track our competition.
  • Attracts traffic to the Web page.

How do we do it?

Our proposal as a Digital Marketing Agency proposes the creation of strategies tailored to your needs for presence in social networks, ensuring proper use of them, obtaining advantages such as better positioning and increased productivity.

  • Providing personalized digital experiences
  • Taking advantage of the most sophisticated technological tools
  • Designing strategic content and scalable digital marketing
  • Prioritizing visual content

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